Simple Chicken Curry Recipe

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One of the creamiest chicken dishes you can make is all thanks to coconut cream or milk, and one of the classic dishes you can cook using this is the yellow chicken curry

What is chicken curry? 

Curry is a dish made with a sauce flavored with certain spices. These spices can range from a short list of as few as three ingredients including the spices and herbs or it can be a long list of 10 or more ingredients that deliver a combined nuanced taste that makes you sigh with delight with every spoonful. 

The most common curry dish that we know locally is popularly known as "chicken curry", and its sauce is a lovely yellow-hued one that is made with coconut cream, garlic, onion, and multiple herbs and spices, including the turmeric or luyang dilaw that dyes the sauce that bright vibrant yellow. 

How to Serve Chicken Curry 

The best way to serve this creamy chicken dish is with a piled high plate of steamed rice. While you can serve this with a gloriously aromatic garilc fried rice, you may want to let the neutral taste fo steamed rice to not overwhelm the taste of the sauce. You'll notice better how the sauce simply  makes this chicken meal come together deliciously.  


However, if you're not feeling like have a rice meal, you can simply eat it on its own since the potatoes and carrots add heft and make it filling. You can also shred the chicken from the bone or use boneless chicken chunks and serve it with bread or even pita bread or naan. 

How to Cook Chicken Curry 

Basic curry recipes are commonly easy to cook. It's the number of ingredients that might intimidate the new cook when trying it out for the first time. That's why this recipe is one of the simplest chicken curry recipes you may encounter. It's easy enough to make new cooks confident in their cooking so that they can be sure to deliver a delicious dish. 

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It all starts with the chicken whose skin should be seared in hot oil which can impart its flavor into the dish. The aromatics, namely the garlic, ginger, and onions, are next cooked just until softened and fragrant. Sauteing these ingredients also ensures your pan is deglazed so all those browned chicken pieces in the bottom of your pan is included in the sauce. That's why searing the chicken is so critical in creating a delicious sauce! 


Then goes in the spices which can simply be a curry seasoning packet you open and dump into the pot! The coconut cream goes in together with the potatoes and carrots so the coconut can simmer and tenderize the root vegetables while flavoring it as well. 

Finally, the chicken is added which rounds off the last component of the recipe, completing the dish and making it ready to serve! 

Tips to Make A Delicious Chicken Curry 

This recipe is easy enough that you don't need many tips to make it even easier! What you can do is make it more delicious with a few tips: 

  • • Remember to sear the meat! This doesn't just apply to pork pieces in adobo and the beef chunks in beef stew! Searing or browning the meat creates more flavor so skipping this step might mean cooking faster but you sacrifice flavor by doing so. 
  • • Add the spice mix into the hot oil first before the coconut cream. The hot oil will intensify the flavors and aromas of the spices so it delivers better flavor. Do this before you add any liquid to the pot. 
  • • Simmer the gata. The coconut cream is delicious even without cooking it but for dishes like chicken curry, it needs to be brought to a boil then simmered, even for 5 minutes, so its flavors too can be more intensified. Plus, after simmering, the coconut oil in the gata will be extracted as the chicken pieces cook through, adding another element of flavor to your dish.

How to Store Chicken Curry 

As with most ulam dishes, storing leftovers is best done immediately after the meal. If you return any uneaten portion into the pot, bring the dish back to a boil and simmer for at least 5 minutes so you kill off any bacteria. This is an critical step to avoid unintentional food poisoning and to also make your ulam safe to eat again at a later date as well as last longer in storage

Simple Chicken Curry Recipe

Prep Time
15 mins 
Cooking Time
20 mins 
Ready In
35 mins 
Filipino, Indian
Cooking Method
Saute and Simmer

Simple Chicken Curry Ingredients

How to cook Simple Chicken Curry


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