Sinigang na Baka Recipe

Use beef in sinigang, and you get the best of sinigang and nilaga in one delicious dish!

IMAGE Majoy Siason

Sinigang and nilaga are two classic Pinoy dishes. So, can you just imagine if the two were put together into one delicious dish? That's what you get when you make sinigang na baka. 

All the delicious flavors you would get in sinigang – the sourness of sampaloc, the fresh okra, kangkong, labanos, and tomatoes – is added to the heartiness of tender beef rib chunks that you'd normally get in a nilaga. 

It's the ulam mashup you're going to want to slurp and eat with a heaping bowl of freshly steamed rice!  

Prep Time
20 mins 
Cooking Time
1 hr 50 mins 
Ready In
2 hrs 10 mins 
Asian, Filipino
Cooking Method

Sinigang na Baka Ingredients

How to Cook Sinigang na Baka

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