Steamed Shrimp With Sesame Mayo Dip Recipe

There is nothing quite like perfectly cooked shrimp to dip into a delicious, umami-packed dip.

IMAGE Patrick Martires

Tender and juicy, that’s a little bit creamy and has a touch of sweetness—that’s how perfectly cooked shrimps should taste like. The gentle heat of steaming gets you exactly that. Dip it in a flavorul, umami-packed dip and you’ve got an amazing appetizer.

When preparing, you can boil the shrimp heads with water and spices for a delicious shrimp broth. How to do it? Remove the heads from the bodies and reserve for a different recipe. With a pair of kitchen shears, cut the shell on the back of the shrimp and then use a knife to make a shallow cut along the back of the shrimp to remove the vein without removing the shell.

Prep Time
10 mins 
Cooking Time
15 mins 
Ready In
25 mins 
8-10 persons
Cooking Method

Steamed Shrimp With Sesame Mayo Dip Ingredients

How to Make Steamed Shrimp With Sesame Mayo Dip

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