Rellenong Bangus Recipe

This special fish dish will impress anyone.

IMAGE Majoy Siason

Looking for a dish that really wows? This classic, traditional bangus recipe is sure to deliver.

When choosing bangus, look for a fish that will fit your frying pan. In this recipe, we used two 600- to 700-gram fish for our large frying pan. Also, check the fish by pinching its stomach. It should feel firm which indicates a fat and delicious belly. Once you’ve chosen your fish, ask your fishmonger to completely debone and scale your fish. That’s less work for you to worry about! 


Prep Time
9 hrs 
Cooking Time
1 hr 
Ready In
10 hrs 
8-10 servings
Cooking Method

Rellenong Bangus Ingredients

How to Cook Rellenong Bangus

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