Taba ng Talangka Rice Recipe

Crab fat - so rich and so irresistible.

Photography by Ocs Alvarez | Styling by Bel Alvarez

This taba ng talangka rice recipe is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your next family gathering. With just a few basic ingredients, you too can make this delicious and irresistible dish! Want to bring this rice recipe to the next level? Incorporate pork or chicken on the side! This gives variety to the dish and a more flavorful bite. You could even add some spice to the mix with red pepper flakes.

Prep Time
10 mins 
Cooking Time
10 mins 
Ready In
20 mins 
2 to 3
Cooking Method

Taba ng Talangka Rice Ingredients

How to Cook Taba ng Talangka Rice

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