Tamales Recipe

Chef Gene Gonzalez modernizes this old Kapampangan fiesta favorite and makes easier to make at home.

IMAGE David Hanson | Styling by Angelo Comsti

Renowned chef Gene Gonzalez modernizes this old Kapampanganfiesta favorite and makes it so much easier for everyone to make at home.

While the traditional Mexican tamales makes use of stone-ground corn, this is given a homegrown twist with the use of toasted rice, a staple in Pampanga from where this recipe originated. 

To make tamales before, one would need to grind peanuts and mill rice the old-fashioned,time-consuming way; but in this recipe, Chef Gene shortens the procedure by using modern equipment. "Tamales, among other dishes, is an 'endangered' dish because it's tedious to prepare," he says. "I've come up with something easier. There are certain things we have to adapt to without taking away the authenticity of the dish."

Prep Time
3 mins 
Cooking Time
10 mins 
Ready In
13 mins 
about 14 tamales
Filipino, Mexican
Cooking Method

Tamales Ingredients

How to Cook Tamales

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