Tinola with Malunggay Recipe

Wind down with a comforting bowl of Filipino chicken soup.

IMAGE Mark Jesalva

Tinola is a traditional chicken Filipino soup, usually made with onion, ginger, and chicken. This healthy and delicious dish is perfect to cook for the family. You could serve it with steamed rice or as is! Either way, you and your family members are sure to enjoy this recipe during the rainier seasons. Adding malungagay (moringa) leaves, and green papaya makes an extra-nutritious bowl of soup. Papaya isn't in season? Not to worry! You could substitute it with sayote or any other vegetable of your choice.

Prep Time
5 mins 
Cooking Time
30 mins 
Ready In
35 mins 
Cooking Method
Boil and Simmer

Tinola with Malunggay Ingredients

How to Cook Tinola with Malunggay

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