Ube Crinkles Recipe

purple ube crinkles with real ube halaya or ube jam
IMAGE Karisham Etong

What's purple and white and dusted all over? Ube crinkles! 

But seriously, if you're thinking of what to make to give as food gifts for the holidays or any other special occasion, these soft and chewy cookies may be exactly what you need to make it a special treat indeed. 

What are Ube Crinkles?

A crinkle is a soft and fudgy cookie. What makes it so different from other cookies is that it is a cookie that is meant to have lots of cracks. These cracks are what earned it the name "crinkles" because these cookies puff up in the oven but immediately collapse when taken from the oven, creating cracks or crinkles in the surface of the cookie. 

These "crinkles" are emphasized by the thick coating of powdered sugar so you can really see those distinct cracks in the cookie. Ube or purple yam is a fantastic flavor to fall in love with when mixed into these cookies, but there are other ways to flavor crinkles, too. The most common version is the chocolate crinkle which can be made differently simply by changing the kind of chocolate you use. 


This version of the crinkle is made with ube and if you're a fan of the earthy ube, you'll be delighted to know this actually uses real ube halaya in the recipe! 

Table of Contents

• How to Serve Ube Crinkles

• How to Bake Ube Crinkles

• Tips To Make The Best Ube Crinkles

• How to Store Ube Crinkles

• Watch: How To Make Ube Crinkles Recipe Video

• Ube Crinkles Recipe

How to Serve Ube Crinkles

Just like most cookies, cookies are best served at room temperature or even straight from the oven while still warm. These cookies come out soft and fudgy but if you let them set for several minutes on the baking sheet, you'll find it becomes a little firmer at the edges. This makes it easier to remove from the sheet as well as just cool enough to not burn your fingers. 

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Once cooled, fudgy cookies like these are best eaten the day they're made so the powdered sugar doesn't absorb moisture. When out at room temperature too long, you'll start to see the pretty white coating begin to moisten as it sits out longer. Don't worry though! This won't happen immediately so eating these up to three days later is still fine to do. 


How to Bake Ube Crinkles

purple ube crinkles with real ube halaya or ube jam on cooling rack after baking
Crinkles are cookies coated in powdered sugar to show off those gorgeous cookie cracks!
Photo by Karisham Etong

Cookie dough is easy to make but there is commonly that extra step of chilling the dough before rolling them. For these cookies especially, chilling the dough is important so that the dough is not only easier and more malleable to work with, these will help the cookies maintain its height as it bakes and not immediately spread out and flatten. Plus, cold cookie dough balls easily roll in powdered sugar well. 


Once in the oven, you'll have to keep an eye out for that signature puff and collapse that creates the cracks. Once that happens, these bake in a minute or two and are ready to move out of the oven and cool! 

Tips To Make The Best Ube Crinkles 

Cookies are actually some of the best kinds of baking recipes for beginner or new bakers! Because cookies are easy to make, refresh your skills with these crinkle cookie tips that will make sure that your crinkles emerge perfectly cracked from the oven every time: 

  • • Test your baking powder because, with its powerful lift, you'll have wonderfully domed and cracked crinkles, not flat ones. 
  • Chill the dough long enough and if necessary, chill it again. The cookie dough is not dry but sticky so working with cold cookie dough will make your job easier, not harder. You can even use cold ingredients, including cold eggs
  •  • Work quickly when handling cold cookie dough.
  •  • Use enough powdered sugar because these signature cookies need that coating to shout to the world that it's indeed a crinkle. 

How to Store Ube Crinkles

Did you know there's a right and wrong way to store cookies? Cookies, in general, are best stored in airtight containers. However, if you had a baking day and have more than one kind of cookie to store, you can't store soft chewy cookies together with crispy cookies. Soft cookies may stay soft since it absorbs moisture but crisp cookies will become soft when stored together!

So, keep these two kinds of cookies away from each other in separate cookie jars to preserve their textures longer.  

Watch: How To Make Ube Crinkles Recipe Video


Ube Crinkles Recipe

Prep Time
30 mins 
Cooking Time
30 mins 
Ready In
2 hrs 
American, Filipino
Cooking Method

Ube Crinkles Ingredients

How to make Ube Crinkles


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