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Here's How You Can Make Your Own 7-Eleven City Blends Coffee At Home

Looking for affordable coffee beans and coffee grounds?
Are you always going out for your daily cup of brewed coffee? You can save on the trips, plus save more of your hard-earned money by replicating 7-Eleven’s signature City Blends brewed coffee at home: 7-Eleven now offers City Blends’ coffee beans and coffee grounds.The City ...

You Can Now Buy Ube Cheese-Stuffed Pandesal In Convenience Stores!

Haven't tried the ube cheese pandesal trend? Now's your chance!
The ube cheese pandesal trend is one of the pre-quarantine food trends that continuously have a high demand to this day. While there are a number of home bakers that offer this, there aren’t a lot of places where you can have ...

Here's How You Can Get A HUGE Discount On 7-Eleven's City Blends Coffee

Coffee lovers, you know what to do.
If you have the habit of buying coffee to jumpstart your day, you should consider investing in a good tumbler to help lessen the alarming rise of plastic waste worldwide. A number of cafes are also doing their part to further help in ...

Can You Believe This Fudgy, Delicious Chocolate Cake Slice Is Only P55?

The chocolate cake is a must-try!
When you’re craving cake, one of the obvious quick fixes is to get a slice or a whole cake from a bakeshop or from a coffee shop. Rarely will someone consider going to a convenience store for a cake craving, but 7-Eleven’s new ...

You Can Get Your Menudo Fix At This Convenience Store

It tastes homemade.
When you need that menudo fix, with that sweet tomato sauce with tender pork bits and vegetables, then 7-Eleven is the place to be. The convenience store recently had a collaboration with Del Monte to create a Menudo (P90) dish that tastes ...
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