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Don't Miss Your Chance To Get 9 Kinds Of Burnt Basque Cheesecake For Just P999

Can't decide what flavor to order? Try this sampler box!
Since Spanish dessert burnt asque cheesecake became a trendy treat in Manila amidst the quarantine, all kinds of flavors and takes on the dessert have popped up thanks to home bakers and small businesses. From a cake topped with mangoes to one inspired by bibingka to ...

This Brownie Sampler Box Lets You Sample 16 Different Brownie Flavors

Because one flavor is not enough.
If you want to take a break from all the food quarantrends flooding your social media feed, you can never go wrong with something as classic as brownies. For those who want to rekindle their love for brownies, you should definitely check out Aby’s ...

You Can Get This Mini Strawberry Cheesecake For Just P125

It's budget-friendly and good for one!
We recently rounded up some home-baked strawberry cakes you can get delivered now if you're looking to have a special celebration at home or buy a delicious treat for a friend. But in case you want to order a strawberry-topped cake just for ...
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