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Reader Recipe Of The Week: Adobong Kangkong With Tausi

Here’s an easy way to add flavors to this easy veggie dish.
According to reader Cheftopher, the addition of tausi (or fermented black beans) add a layer of umami to the usual flavors in adobong kangkong. This easy-to-make dish is usually made with an adobo sauce with the usual adobo staples: soy sauce, ...

Adobong Kangkong with Tausi Recipe

Make your kangkong more flavorful!
This is a quick and easy way to perk up your kangkong in a cinch. The addition of the salty fermented black beans, or tausi, gives this adobong kangkong recipe a delicious twist on a classic.   ...

Apan-Apan Recipe

This is adobong kangkong, Bacolod style.
Adobong kangkong may be one of the most simple dishes. It's a humble marriage of adobo sauce (soy sauce, garlic, vinegar, and pepper) with kang kong or water spinach leaves. That's why it's so easy to make changes and tweaks to the recipe to ...

WATCH: You Should Top Your Adobong Kangkong With Chicharon

A simple adobong kangkong recipe becomes more appetizing.
You can make your simple kangkong dish even better. We already know how delicious a snack is when kangkong has been fried to make crispy kangkong. Make adobong kangkong then stir in some chili-garlic sauce for a little aromatic heat.   You can even just steam it and serve with bagoong for perhaps the ...

All The Ways You Can Make Adobong Gulay

Make your side dishes flavorful and healthy.
We all know we need to eat more vegetables. A sure way to do so is to make sure that the vegetables we cook are absolutely delicious and flavorful. Whether as a side dish or maybe even the viand, these adobong gulay ...

Adobong Kangkong with Chicharon Recipe

Need an easy veggie dish? This one comes together in less than 15 minutes!
Kangkong is an easy vegetable to work with: you can saute it, fry, or add it to a broth. In this easy stir-fry recipe, we added crushed chicharon to give texture and heft to this side dish.  ...

WATCH: How To Cook Adobong Kangkong With Chili Garlic

Your everyday adobong kangkong gets a boost in flavor from chili and lots of garlic.
Sometimes a simple addition of an ingredient can elevate an ordinary dish. This simple kangkong dish gets a bite from the siling labuyo and some tang and spice from the chili garlic sauce. For those who like it, add more siling labuyo to add even ...

Adobong Kangkong Recipe

Cook kangkong, or water spinach, with chicken in a delicious adobo sauce.
Kangkong or water spinach is a great leafy green vegetable! Adobo sauce makes everything better, so that includes kangkong. A typical adobo sauce made of soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and pepper is all you need! Plus, adobong kangkong is a good way to get your ...
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