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6 Ways To Make Adobong Pusit Delicious

Squid has never been this appetizing!
Squid is one of those ingredients that you might love to eat but hate to prepare. It's one of the many ingredients that require more than just cutting into pieces and dumping into your dish. It requires more attention to detail than that!  You need ...

Adobong Pusit Sa Gata Recipe

Make squid extra delicious simmered in a delicious sauce.
If you love adobo dishes and all the ways you can make it, this is one adobo recipe you need to learn to make. It's a squid adobo that's got gata, or coconut milk. The powerful flavor of the squid and its ink is complemented by the adobo seasonings ...

Adobong Pusit Recipe (Tagalog Version)

Pusit, toyo, at suka lamang, sapat na.
Alam niyo ba na pwedeng gawing adobo ang pusit?Paboritong putahe ito ng maraming Filipino dahil sa nag-iisang dahilan: madaling lutuin at naroon ang pamilyar na matamis, maasim, at malinamnam na lasa ng adobo na gustong-gusto nating lahat. I-bookmark ang recipe na ito ...

Adobo Squid with Oyster Sauce Recipe

Don’t be shy: cook more rice than usual.
Be sure to have your steamed rice ready! Squid is best when freshly cooked. Also, make a quick ensalada of chopped tomatoes, salted egg, and green mangoes to pair with the thick, rich sauce of the adobo. ...

Spicy Squid Adobo Recipe

Amp up the heat with the spicy squid version of this Pinoy favorite.
Put a twist on the classic adobong pusit recipe! Amp up the flavors of the squid with the addition of squid ink, chili-garlic sauce, and more siling labuyo to really get you craving for more steamed rice. If you love spicy dishes, this is ...

WATCH: Tips for Making Rich and Tasty Adobong Pusit

The rich black sauce makes this dish very unique!
Here are five things to remember when making adobong pusit: 1 Clean and prepare the squid for cooking. 2 Always check for freshness. If the squid smells fishy it’s not fresh.3 Reserve and set the ink sac aside for cooking.4 For tender adobong pusit, slow-cook ...

Stuffed Squid Adobo Recipe

The Filipino favorite, adobong pusit, is even better when stuffed with tasty meat!
Adobong pusit gets an upgrade with the addition of a tasty meat filling. Experiment with flavors by using crabmeat or shrimp instead of pork. ...
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