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These Plates, Bowls, Mugs + More Go for as Low as P30

Time to stock up on new kitchenware!
Every house needs a reliable collection of kitchenware. Whether you live alone, with a few roomies, or with your entire extended family, good-looking, well-made ceramics are essential for elevating your household meals and making your space feel more like a home—plus, owning ...

You Can Get These Golden Knives For Less Than P100 Each!

You don't need to spend a fortune.
How happy are you with your recent cute dinnerware and baking equipment purchases? Why not spruce up your kitchen tools next! If you’re gunning for a chic, all-gold aesthetic for your kitchen, you should add these affordable golden knives from Japan Home Centre!These golden knives ...

This Shop Offers Different Kitchen Items Under P100!

The Hello Kitty baking essentials are too cute!
Essential baking items and dinnerware for less than a hundred pesos? Who would say no to that? If you want to add a few kitchen items but don’t want to spend a chunk of your hard-earned money, a great place to source ...
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