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We Spotted Previously Banned Ma Ling Luncheon Meat In The Supermarket

It now uses a different kind of meat.
Just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Philippines, a different kind of virus was spreading and affecting the country’s livestock: African Swine Fever (ASF). When ASF wasn’t officially considered an outbreak yet, one of the precautions taken by the Department of Agriculture ...

Two QC Groceries Were Found To Have ASF-Tainted Meat

Make sure to check for meat certificates on display.
Two supermarkets in Quezon City have been found to sell meat with traces of African Swine Fever (ASF), according to a news report on The Department of Agriculture has been campaigning against the spread of the disease and according to Quezon ...

Tocino, Longganisa, And Hotdog Products Allegedly Used African Swine Fever-Infected Pork

Should you be worried?
In a report by ABS-CBN, The Philippine Association of Meat Processors Inc (PAMPI) received information from hog raisers that hotdog, longganisa, and tocino products used pork that are allegedly infected by the African swine fever.No brand names are specified for the time being. ...

African Swine Fever Spreads to More Pampanga Towns, Quezon City

The virus is affecting more pigs.
The African Swine Fever (ASF) has spread to an additional three Pampanga and three Quezon City towns.   According to The Philippine Star, the governor of Pampanga province, Dennis Pineda, said that the towns of Apalit, Candaba, and San Simon have pigs raised in backyards which have tested positive ...

Swine Fever Confirmed in Quezon City: Here's How to Buy Safe Pork

While it's not a serious risk to humans, here are a few things you may want to watch for.
African swine fever has officially been found in two Quezon City barangays. If you're a staunch meat-eater though, don't put down your knife and fork just yet. According to the World Organization for Animal Health, the virus does not pose a risk to humans, ...

African Swine Fever Now An Outbreak In The Philippines

Bureau of Animal Industry Director confirms this news.
According to ABS-CBN News, Ronnie Domingo, Director of the Bureau of Animal Industry, has confirmed that the African Swine Fever situation in the Philippines is now an outbreak. Seven areas under outbreak are Barangay San Jose, Macabud, San Isidro, San Rafael, Mascap Rodriguez Rizal; Barangay ...

African Swine Fever: Is It Still Safe To Buy And Eat Pork?

Here’s what you need to know.
The Department of Agriculture confirmed the African Swine Fever has hit the Philippines in a press conference held on September 9, 2019. Agriculture Secretary William Dar said that 14 out of the 20 pig blood samples sent for a laboratory test in ...
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