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Aice Just Came Out With Milk And Eggs-Flavored Ice Cream!

It has a strawberry filling, too.
Aice is a Singaporean brand behind the cute, delicious, and incredibly affordable frozen desserts, like the watermelon-shaped Semangka (P10), pastel-hued Milk Melon (P12), and the corn-shaped Sweet Corn (P15). During this pandemic, Aice launched an interesting quarantine-special flavor called the Milk & Eggs ice cream.This ...

Meet Aice: The Affordable Singaporean Ice Cream Is Now Available In Manila

The price ranges from P10 to P26 only!
How can an ice cream that costs P10 good? Sometimes, with a stroke of luck, you will find these popsicles or tubs of ice cream hidden in inconspicuous places and branded with names you haven’t even heard of. Meet Aice, a Singaporean ice ...
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