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Aice Opens Its First-Ever Mall Kiosk In The North!

Almost all of the ice cream products won't cost more than P35!
If you love cheap and delicious ice cream, you probably know of Aice ice cream! This ice cream brand, which became popular because of home-based resellers, is opening its first-ever mall kiosk at SM North in Quezon City this May 23, Sunday.Aice is ...

Aice's New 3-in-1 Ice Cream Tub Only Costs 45 Pesos

It has strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate!
If you're the type of ice cream fan that has more than one go-to ice cream flavor, a 3-in-1 tub is a great way to satisfy all your cravings. For those who like the classics, Aice just came out with 3-in-1 Colors ...

Aice's NEW Ice Cream Sandwich Has Red Bean + Mochi!

It only costs 25 pesos!
A classic summer dessert Pinoy kids grew up with is the monggo ice candy or the popsicle. Now, you can also get Samanco's fish-shaped wafer with vanilla ice cream and sweet red bean paste, which is now available in most groceries. Now, there's ...

This Calamansi-Flavored Popsicle Only Costs Ten Pesos!

Summer calls for a citrusy popsicle.
If there’s one good thing about the insanely hot weather we're experiencing is that we have an excuse to indulge in frozen and iced treats. After the launch of Aice’s affordable Avocado Sundae that only costs P25 per cup, the ice cream brand released a ...

Woah, This Avocado Ice Cream Is Only 25 Pesos!

We can’t say no to avocado ice cream.
Summer is all about frozen desserts. What’s great about being in a tropical country such as the Philippines is that we make use of different kinds of fruits to make icy desserts. There's buko pandan, mango float, and even simple avocado desserts made simply with ...

How Much Does It Cost To Be An Aice Ice Cream Reseller?

Here's everything you need to know!
Are you thinking of being an Aice ice cream reseller, especially now that it's summer and people will be wanting icy treats? got to talk to Camille Puebla, the Media Marketing Supervisor of Aice Philippines, and she shared the process of being ...

Aice Just Came Out With Milk And Eggs-Flavored Ice Cream!

It has a strawberry filling, too.
Aice is a Singaporean brand behind the cute, delicious, and incredibly affordable frozen desserts, like the watermelon-shaped Semangka (P10), pastel-hued Milk Melon (P12), and the corn-shaped Sweet Corn (P15). During this pandemic, Aice launched an interesting quarantine-special flavor called the Milk & Eggs ice cream.This ...

This Avocado + Strawberry Ice Cream Is Your Quick Fix For Dessert Cravings

They have new chocolate mochi ice cream, too!
If you haven't discovered the magic of Aice ice cream, a Singaporean ice cream brand that's manufactured in Indonesia, it's high time you should! The brand's fun popsicles and ice cream waffles costs as low as P10. Aice recently released their new Avocado Strawberry Sundae ...
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