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This Newbie Air Fryer User Shares How She "Baked" Chewy Brownies With Nuts Recipe

These chewy brownies are topped with walnuts and almonds!
Air fryers are one of the kitchen appliances that’s been getting everyone’s attention since the quarantine started. One of the air fryer’s charms that have people enthralled is that this kitchen appliance can "fry" food with little to no cooking oil.Karla Apuan ...

Air Fryer Owners, You Should Join These Online Groups For Tips, Tricks, And Recipes!

These are some of the largest online communities dedicated to air fryer owners.
Have you decided to give in to the quarantine trend and and purchased an air fryer? If you’re still new to owning this kitchen appliance, it’s useful to be part of online communities that are specifically composed of other air fryer owners. ...

Air Fryer Max's-Style Fried Chicken Recipe

You can make it in the air fryer!
The Pinoy fried chicken is well-loved and is easily one of the best ways of enjoying fried chicken in its purest form. There's no coating to interfere with the chicken's flavor! That's why this kind of fried chicken is hard to recreate at home! With the air ...

How To Convert A Recipe Into An Air Fryer Recipe

If you can cook it in an oven, you can air fry it!
Newbie cooks love the convenience, slick look, and features of the air fryer. It's an attractive small kitchen appliance packaged in a cooking vessel that's meant to be modern and speedy. The result is a beginner cook's dream machine. What's great about the air fryer ...
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