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This Rooftop Café In Pampanga Has An Amazing View Of The Sunset + Mt. Arayat!

Need a place to unwind?
It's nearly a year since quarantine in the Philippines was declared and it's only normal to want a change in scenery. If you want to unwind but at the same time you want to avoid more busy, crowded cities, you can opt ...

This Outdoor Café In Rizal Has An Amazing View Of The Sunset + City Skyline

You can spend Happy Hour watching the sunset!
The pandemic has everyone dreaming of enjoying the outdoors with friends and family sans the mask, the face shield, and the social distancing. As we wait for that day, why not plan ahead? Here's a place you should consider adding to your post-pandemic local ...

This Hidden Villa + Restaurant In Tanay, Rizal Offers A View Of A Sea Of Clouds

If it's not too windy, you can dine while being surrounded by a sea of clouds.
Are you planning a quick break from Metro Manila? We found a hidden bed and breakfast in Tanay, Rizal that offers a stunning view of nature and a sea of clouds. Add this to your Rizal itinerary: Ricardo's Vista del Cielo.Ricardo's Vista del ...

Meet Kape Sina Una: A Local Mobile Coffee Shop That Offers A Great View Of Nature

In need of a coffee break?
Al fresco cafés are more popular right now, mainly because it's a safer option compared to dining indoors during a global pandemic. While there is an increasing number of outdoor cafés you can find (like the ones in Rizal and Laguna), there are ...
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