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WATCH: How To Make Peach Soju Iced Tea

You can do it in three different ways.
Getting tired of your usual Yakult and soju pairing? Here's something fruity, bittersweet, and refreshing that you can try on your next soju session: peach soju with iced tea! Buy your favorite brand of peach-flavored soju and choose your preferred iced tea: brewed fresh, ...

PSA: You Can Order Soju Through Grab

That means you can get your drink on the same day you ordered it!
Sometimes you just need a good cocktail at the end of the day to wind down. A popular option these days is Korean alcoholic beverage soju. Soju is well-loved by the casual drinking crowd thanks to its affordable price, wide flavor selection, ...

Love Yakult? You Have To Try This Sweet And Milky Japanese Boozy Drink

They have other flavors, too!
GOOD FOOD ALERT! If Korea gifted us with soju, then leave it to Japan to gift us with shochu, a distilled spirit commonly made from rice, sweet potatoes, wheat, and/or sugar cane. Suntory is one of the popular Japanese alcoholic beverage brands that offer a chuhai, ...

All The Easy Soju Cocktails You Can Make At Home

Bottoms up!
If you’ve ever been to our local convenience stores and supermarkets and checked out the alcohol section, you most probably have spotted a bottle of soju. This Korean alcoholic beverage is a colorless distilled drink made from rice, wheat, or barley.You can drink ...

We Found Strawberry-Flavored Soju In This Convenience Store!

For your next party!
One of the best things the K-wave blessed us with is Korean alcoholic beverage called soju, a clear, colorless distilled drink that’s commonly made from rice, wheat, or barley. The taste is definitely smoother than vodka.A favorite way to enjoy soju is a ...

This Restaurant In Tagaytay Is Perfect For Your Weekend Brunch

You deserve this!
If you’re looking for a reason to celebrate the weekend, a hearty brunch with mimosas filled to the flute’s brim is just the thing you need. A mimosa, for the uninitiated, is a cocktail typically composed of champagne or sparkling wine and ...

INFOGRAPHIC: Party with These Pinoy Cocktails

What's in a Weng Weng, Mestiza, Kagatan? We break down components of these popular Pinoy cocktails.
Hosting a girls night in or a barkada get-together? These well-loved and uniquely Pinoy cocktails are easy to prep!Here's what you need to make these Pinoy cocktails for your next party.GinPom1 shot gin bilog150ml  pomelo juiceBoracay1 shot rum100 ml coffee50 g chocolate malt powderDash of condensed ...

Tiramisu with Hazelnut Cream Recipe

This version by Chef Faoro of what we all know and love, believe it or not, is ten times more satisfying.
Chef Faoro's version of the tiramisu we all know and love makes it, believe it or not,  ten times more satisfying.  Make and share this sweet and delicious tiramisu with hazelnut cream recipe in six easy steps! ...

Pomegranate Mocktail

This drink uses pomegranate juice that is loaded with antioxidants and key to lowering blood pressure.
Toast to good nutrition as pomegranate juice is loaded with antioxidants and is key to lowering blood pressure. ...
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