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The Differences Of Talangka, Alimasag, And Alimango

One is not like the other two.
Crabs are one of those seafood choices that immediately makes you think of a celebration. Not many can eat crabs every day so knowing how and what to do with the crabs you do have is important.   There are several kinds of crabs on the market ...

Crab and Corn Soup Recipe

This simple but satisfying soup can be homemade.
Why settle for a mix when you make this crab and corn soup recipe easily from scratch? This uses crab meat and canned corn to make it fast and easy to put together but still give you the satisfaction that you're cooking ...

How To Cook Crabs + Recipes To Try

You can easily cook crabs at home.
Crabs are one of those seafood ingredients that instantly make you think you're getting a treat. While it's not the easiest food to indulge in, what with breaking open shells and claws just to get to the meat, the meat that you do get is definitely sweet, succulent, and addictive. You ...

Ginataang Alimasag Recipe

Coconut and crab combine to create a delicious dish.
Ginataang kalabasa recipes may sound like ordinary dishes but you'd be surprised what you can add to the humble dish to make it extra delicious and special. This recipe takes that savory ginataang recipe and ups the flavor with alimasag or crabs. Shrimp isn't the only seafood that ...

Make Fast and Easy Giniling Recipes Even On Busy Nights

Whip up a quick meal with these giniling recipes.
You may be underestimating the speed with which you can make a meal using ground meat. Giniling recipes, in particular, may be the underrated recipes you should be making more often! What makes any giniling recipe fast and easy to cook for any meal, at any ...

Alimasag sa Hibe at Gata (Crab with Shrimp and Coconut Milk) Recipe

This alimasag sa hibe at gata recipe gets its intense umami flavor from dried shrimp.
This alimasag sa hibe at gata recipe, or crab cooked with shrimp in coconut milk, gets its strong umami flavor from hibe (dried shrimp).  ...

Ginataang Alimasag Recipe (Crabs Cooked in Coconut Milk)

You don't need fancy vegetables or ingredients to highlight the succulent crabmeat.
Seafood cooked in coconut milk is not an uncommon pratice in Philippine cuisine and this recipe is a fuss-free easy version: you don't need fancy vegetables or ingredients to highlight the succulent crabmeat. ...
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