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Andok's vs. Rico's Litson Baka: Which One Is Better?

Who’s the Winner of the Litson Baka War?
If you're on social media, you've probably heard about Andok's Litson Baka You've probably even tasted it already. With Andok's latest product sweeping the nation, Rico's Lechon has stepped up to the plate to get a slice of the pie. Now, the big question ...

Andok's Also Makes a Fried-Chicken Sandwich That's Really, Really Good

It's time this underrated menu item got its share of the spotlight.
By now, you've likely tried the trending Litson Baka from Andok's, as well as their flagship product—the Litson Manok, which is one of our favorite takes on roast chicken in Manila. The Filipino-style roast stall has got even more up their sleeves though: they make an underrated fried-chicken sandwich that ...

PSA: Andok's Litson Baka Just Got More Expensive

Heads up for your next order!
Andok's Litson Baka is the current trendiest food item on everyone's social media feed, with the majority of its reviews saying that it is "worth the hype." When this launched, it was sold at an introductory price of P320 for around 450 grams (uncooked) ...

These Are All The Andok's Branches That Deliver Litson Baka

Here's the guide you've been looking for!
Litson Baka is the newest item on the Andok's menu and is currently a popular dish that a lot of curious foodies want to try, but the catch is: it's a little difficult to score a box of Litson Baka since not all Andok's branches ...

#BakaNaman: All The Ways To Enjoy Andok's Litson Baka Besides Eating It With Rice

These are super easy to do!
Andok's recently launched a new Litson Baka that has gotten everyone in a frenzy because of how delicious it is. While the taste of the Litson Baka is similar to that of the tasty marinade used for their liempo, what makes this different ...

This Bottle Of Andok's Litson Sauce Is Available In This Supermarket

For lechon or fried chicken!
Pinoys love their lechon in all its juicy meat and golden-brown crunchy skin goodness, especially if there's sawsawan involved. While Visayan lechon calls for spiced vinegar, Luzon lechon uses a sweet and savory liver-based lechon sauce.For those who love adding lechon sauce to almost ...

Why Is Two-Piece Chicken The Maximum Solo Order?

"How Filipinos consume their chicken is indicative of the health of the economy."
Fried chicken sparks joy for Filipinos, especially when it comes in a box with lots of gravy. It's constant whether the economy is booming or on life suport because of a pandemic. There are baskets and barrels for parties but for the solo ...

Andok's New Spicy Fried Chicken Is Fiery Delicious!

The delicious dokito gets spicy, courtesy of the siling labuyo.
Andok's just launched their version of a spicy fried chicken, and it's delicious! You may know Andok's for its delicious litson manok or grilled rotisserie chicken. However, from its humble small roadside stall in Quezon City during the '80s to its locations spanning almost nationwide, Andok's has made a name for itself, not ...
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