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How To Use Atsuete

These reddish seeds are an important ingredient in some of our favorite dishes.
The Ilocos empanada, the kwek-kwek, the golden java rice with your chicken barbecue, and even the kare kare are just four kinds of food that just won't be the same without its signature orange colors. It's all thanks to atsuete. Also known as annatto seeds ...

These Are The Saffron Substitutes You Should Use For Your Arroz Valenciana

It's expensive so use these ingredients instead in your paella.
Saffron is one of, if not, the most expensive spice in the world! It's a spice that comes from a part of a flower that grows natively in the Mediterranean.Why is saffron so expensive? It's actually not the spice itself that makes it so expensive but ...

You Can Easily Make Annatto Oil With 2 Ingredients

It's super easy!
Annatto seeds or atsuete seeds, are used to color the rice served with your your favorite chicken barbecue. It's an iconic and expected of many barbecue places to serve their rice tinged with the yellow-orange hue taken from the seeds. But how does one make it? It's pretty easy ...

Chicken Inasal

We serve it with atsuete rice and we also mix in a special ingredient.
What makes this version of this dish more exciting and flavorful? We serve it with atsuete rice and we also mix in a special ingredient: Star margarine! ...

Taba ng Talangka Rice Recipe

Crab fat - so rich and so irresistible.
This taba ng talangka rice recipe is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your next family gathering. With just a few basic ingredients, you too can make this delicious and irresistible dish! Want to bring this rice recipe to the next level? ...

Adobo de Campesino

Aside from sitaw, you can use other legumes like sigarilyas for this dish. Tweak it as you like it.
According to Gene Gonzalez, owner and instructor of Center for Asian Culinary Studies and author of The Little Adobo Book, the presence of annatto oil in this Southern Luzon favorite must have originated from the Spanish friars since other Hispanized colonies use ...
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