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Yes, Butter Ball Ice Cream Exists And We Know Where You Can Buy A Tub Of It!

This will make you feel like a kid again!
Most Pinoy kids grew up gobbling piece after piece of Peter's Butter Ball candy during recess—or, heck, while the teacher wasn't looking during class. Its sweet, salty, buttery profile is unlike any other candy, and we still find ourselves craving it to this ...

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day With Freebies From Arce Dairy

Plus, freebies when you order ice cream on Tuesdays for the month of July.
You don't need a real reason to indulge in ice cream but when you order and get Arce Dairy ice cream delivered on July 19, Sunday, you get extra freebies. Arce Dairy celebrates National Ice Cream Day by giving away a half ...

You Can Now Get Arce Dairy's Mantecado + Other Flavors Via Delivery

It can be delivered the next day!
There’s always a wave of nostalgia that comes with opening that distinct copper-colored tub of Arce Dairy’s timeless, classic mantecado ice cream. Its sweet and buttery simplicity instantly gives comfort as it melts in the mouth. Thankfully, you don’t have to go all ...

You Can Now Enjoy These Haw Haw And Choc Nut Ice Cream Tubs At Home!

They also have a Blue Vanilla flavor available, too.
Lately, it’s been insanely humid that sometimes an airconditioned room and keeping ourselves hydrated just doesn’t cut it. This is why a tub of ice cream deserves a spot in your freezer right now. If you’re looking for an ice cream that’s ...

Did You Know Arce Dairy Offers Two Versions Of Avocado Ice Cream?

Know the difference between the two.
Arce Dairy is known as the old-school local creamery behind the famous Mantecado flavor: a buttery-meets-vanilla flavor made with carabao milk that's closer to a French Vanilla flavor than the American version. Another favorite flavor in their selection is the avocado.Did you know they ...
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