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OMG, Army Navy's NEW Tacos Look So Delicious!

Order na!
If you feel like tacos are too boring, then you might not know or might not have tried birria? These Mexican tacos or tortillas are often stuffed with shredded goat's meat, onion, cilantro, salsa, and a squeeze of lime. It's also not ...

Mark Your Calendar: Get A 50% Discount On Army Navy Libertea Milk Tea

You have to try their Avocado Cream Cheese milk tea!
Army Navy Burger + Burrito is best known not just for their burgers and burritos—they are famous for their Libertea iced tea, too. In September 2020, Army Navy decided to expand their beverage menu with not just one or two drinks, but ...

Get Huge Discounts On Army Navy's Burgers, Burritos, Freedom Fries, And LiberTea!

These sulit bundles are good for four people!
The holidays are all about catching up with the important people in our lives and eating lots of food! While Christmas is still two months away, you can still have a small festive celebration in advance with Army Navy Burger + Burrito's ...

Army Navy Now Has 15 NEW Flavors Of LiberTea Milk Tea

So many flavors to choose from!
Whether you order Army Navy Burger + Burrito’s juicy burgers or their uber-filling burritos, it’s never complete without an order of refreshing LiberTea iced tea or Libertea milk tea (that now comes in a glass mason jar you can always reuse at ...

PSA: Army Navy's Libertea + Burgers Will Be On Sale This Wednesday!

Do not miss out on this promo.
An order of burger or burrito at Army Navy is not complete without a serving of ice-cold Libertea and a side of Freedom Fries. If you’ve been wanting to treat yourself to an Army Navy burger meal or even a burrito or ...

Army Navy's New Normal Includes Dining Inside Your Car

You don't have to get out of the car at all!
Before the COVID-19 global pandemic, customers were free to dine inside restaurants and establishments. More restaurants are slowly adapting to a "new normal" starting this week and need to abide by the general community quarantine guidelines. Restaurants and fast food chains are now ...

Love Army Navy's LiberTea? Here's How You Can Get A Discount!

Bottoms up!
Burgers and burritos are always in order when in Army Navy, but is an Army Navy meal really ever complete without the delicious, refreshing brewed LiberTea? It has become quite a popular beverage that it gained its own following.In an effort to save mother ...
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