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PSA: Army Navy's Iced Coffee Is Pretty Good!

Take a break from LiberTea and enjoy their coffee!
We all know that Army Navy serves a pretty delicious LiberTea, a brewed iced tea served in their mason jars. While that may seem like the obvious choice to pair with your burgers and burritos, Army Navy has released other drinks just ...

Don't Miss Army Navy's B1T1 Promo On LiberTea And Freedom Fries!

Here are all the details you need to know.
Just in case you didn’t know: Independence Day is two days away and is going to happen this Saturday, June 12. For those who want to celebrate this weekend with good food, check out Army Navy's Independence Day promo!From June 11 to June 13, you can ...

Army Navy Just Launched Plant-Based Burgers And Burritos

They also have a new taco and quesadilla!
If you're looking for vegetarian-friendly options, Army Navy has added a lineup of plant-based items on their menu from burgers, burritos, naked burritos, tacos, and quesadillas.Army Navy's plant-based burger comes in three kinds. The Plant-Based Burger (P280) which has a single patty, ...

You Can Save As Much As P200 On These Army Navy Bundles

Here's how to avail of these super sulit promos!
As much as we would love to order Army Navy more than once a week, we have to admit that their menu items aren't the most budget-friendly so we limit our #treatyourself days. This Saturday, March 27, is the day you don't have to ...

Army Navy's Famous LiberTea Now Comes In A Larger Jar!

No, you're not dreaming.
Is it just us but whenever we're ordering food from Army Navy, it just doesn't feel complete without a serving of their famous LiberTea iced tea? If you also can't get enough of their ice-cold brewed tea, you'll be glad to know ...

Get Huge Discounts On Army Navy's Burgers, Burritos, Freedom Fries, And LiberTea!

These sulit bundles are good for four people!
The holidays are all about catching up with the important people in our lives and eating lots of food! While Christmas is still two months away, you can still have a small festive celebration in advance with Army Navy Burger + Burrito's ...

Army Navy Now Has 15 NEW Flavors Of LiberTea Milk Tea

So many flavors to choose from!
Whether you order Army Navy Burger + Burrito’s juicy burgers or their uber-filling burritos, it’s never complete without an order of refreshing LiberTea iced tea or Libertea milk tea (that now comes in a glass mason jar you can always reuse at ...

PSA: Army Navy's Libertea + Burgers Will Be On Sale This Wednesday!

Do not miss out on this promo.
An order of burger or burrito at Army Navy is not complete without a serving of ice-cold Libertea and a side of Freedom Fries. If you’ve been wanting to treat yourself to an Army Navy burger meal or even a burrito or ...

Army Navy's New Normal Includes Dining Inside Your Car

You don't have to get out of the car at all!
Before the COVID-19 global pandemic, customers were free to dine inside restaurants and establishments. More restaurants are slowly adapting to a "new normal" starting this week and need to abide by the general community quarantine guidelines. Restaurants and fast food chains are now ...

PSA: Army Navy Has A Buy One, Take One Promo Starting This Week

Double servings of fries and iced tea sound good right now.
As we celebrate the Philippines' Independence Day this June 12, Army Navy Burger + Burrito celebrates this event by treating you to a buy one, take one promo on their refreshing LiberTea and irresistible Freedom Fries.If you want to skip cooking lunch ...

Love Army Navy's LiberTea? Here's How You Can Get A Discount!

Bottoms up!
Burgers and burritos are always in order when in Army Navy, but is an Army Navy meal really ever complete without the delicious, refreshing brewed LiberTea? It has become quite a popular beverage that it gained its own following.In an effort to save mother ...

Army Navy Now Serves Crunchy Sisig Dishes!

Sinful, but oh-so-delicious!
Army Navy, known for their burgers and fries, recently released new menu items that puts the spotlight one of the well-loved, sinfully-delicious dishes known in the Philippines: sisig. For serious sisig and kanin-lovers, Army Navy’s “Sisig Baboy” Naked Burrito is a must.Army Navy’s Naked ...
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