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How To Make Arroz Valenciana + Tips

This gorgeous rice in a pan is a complete meal on its own.
When it comes to rice, a steaming bowl of rice isn't always the appetizing side you want with your meal, especially if you are serving it up with some festive meats and vegetables. Few dishes can beat a good arroz valenciana, known as the Filipino ...

Celebrate The Long Weekend With Indulgent Crispy Pata, Bulalo + More

Your favorite Pinoy food are available in takeway platters from High Street at the Shangri-la.
If you need a break from cooking up a storm for the family, take this long weekend to slow down and indulge in your Pinoy food favorites. If you're looking for your weekend meal options, Shangri-La at the Fort’s High Street Cafe ...

WATCH: This Easy Arroz Valenciana Is the Rice Dish You Should Serve For Christmas Dinner

This brightly-hued homemade paella is easy to cook and uses everyday ingredients, too.
If you love paella, we bet you can make this special rice dish for Christmas dinner. This easy Arroz Valenciana recipe uses every day, supermarket ingredients to create a delicious and centerpiece worthy rice dish which you can serve for Noche Buena, Media ...

Arroz Valenciana

You don't need a special occasion to enjoy Arroz Valenciana at home!
This is a complete meal in a one dish!  ...

Arroz Valenciana Recipe

Complete your holiday spread with this vibrant and tasty dish.
Complete your Noche Buena table with a vibrant plate Arroz Valenciana. Paired this rice recipe with a succulent roast chicken, you’ve got a sure showstopper. ...
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