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This Is Our Top Chicken Recipe for 2018

This is an absolute must-try!
This year, the Kapampangan Chicken Asado Recipe topped our most popular chicken recipe list for good reason: the promise of Kapampangan expertise, the ease of cooking chicken, and the familiar Chinese-inspired sweet and sour taste of asado.Key to this version of asado is using fresh ...

Chinese-Style Pork Asado Recipe

Love pork asado? Five spice powder and star anise give this pork dish lots of flavor.
This is one of the easiest pork dishes you can make! It's a familiar recipe but has wonderful ingredient additions that don't make it any harder to make. There are key ingredients in this recipe that make it Chinese: five-spice powder and star anise ...

Kapampangan-style Pork Asado Recipe

Tomato paste is added to the popular pork dish.
Pork asado is a popular pork dish adapted from the Chinese. The Kapampangan version is stewed with tomato paste and fresh tomatoes, giving this sweet dish a bit of tang.  ...

WATCH: How to Make Pork Asado

This sweet pork dish is sure to win you over!
This Pinoy-style asado has tender pork slices with sweet flavors from star anise. Pork Asado RecipePrep time 10 minutesCooking time 45 minutesServes 2-41 kilo pork loin1 cup water 3 pieces star anise1 tablespoon peppercorns5 cloves garlic, chopped 1 tablespoon salt2 tablespoons soy sauce1/2 ...

Here's Why You Should Try Making Chicken Asado with Fresh Tomatoes

This Kapampangan-style asado is insanely flavorful!
Pork and chicken asado dishes are largely known for their savory-sweet, Chinese-inspired flavors. A Kapampangan variant, however, does it a little differently: instead of tomato paste, fresh tomatoes are sautéed and subsequently simmered down to a thick sauce.The resulting flavors? An aromatic ...

WATCH: How to Make Beef Asado

This beef dish pairs perfectly with a bowl of hot rice!
Take your time to make this beef asado recipe. Slow cooking the beef with all the ingredients is key to tender and satisfying serving. Don't forget the rice!2 tablespoons cooking oil5 cloves garlic, chopped1 large onion, chopped1-kilogram beef brisket, sliced into chunks1 ...

Chicken Asado Recipe

Chicken asado is simple: let chicken simmer is a simple sweet and tangy sauce, then serve with lots of rice.
This chicken asado recipe covers all your bases: a hearty protein, starch, and vegetables. Let chicken simmer is this sweet, tangy, and savory sauce, then cook the potatoes and vegetables until they are tender but still fresh and firm. This chicken asado ...

Pork Asado Recipe

Love sweet pork dishes? This is for you!
This pork recipe has tender pork pieces and sweet flavors from the star anise. ...

Kapampangan Chicken Asado Recipe

Make your favorite Pinoy chicken asado recipe, Kapampangan-style!
This Kapampangan version of chicken asado is made with fresh tomatoes. Mouthwatering flavors and ingredients definitely make this a must-try! This dish is filled with aromatic ingredients that are sure to make your dining table smell absolutely divine. Fresh tomatoes and a ...

Asadong Matua (Old-Fashioned Pork Asado) Recipe

Also called Asadong Pasko, this dish is not typically served in restaurants.
Also called Asadong Pasko, Asadong Barrio, and Abo-abo in Pampanga, this dish is not typically served in restaurants, says Pampanga native Poch Jorolan. It is a special dish served in households across the province during fiestas and other special occasions.  ...

Chicken Asado

Love chicken dishes? This is great for family meals.
Love chicken dishes? This is great for family meals. ...

Beef Asado

The secret to tender beef asado: slow cooking the beef with all the ingredients.
The secret to tender beef asado: slow cooking the beef with all the ingredients. ...
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