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These Aesthetic Ovens Won't Cost You More Than P3,000

These ovens have white and wooden accents!
Have you been bitten by the home-renovating bug since the quarantine started? Besides setting up your work-from-home station, coffee stations and making the bedroom a more comfortable space, one shouldn't leave out the kitchen. If you love aesthetically-pleasing and trendy kitchen appliances, you'll ...

You Can Get This Chic Waffle Maker With Wooden Accents For Less Than P1,900

It also doubles as a panini press!
If you love pretty kitchen appliances like pastel stand mixers or vintage-inspired toasters, here's something that you'll want to make extra counter space for: This waffle maker from Asahi belongs to the brand's Aesthetic Designs series. It features an elegant all-white exterior and wooden handles, completing ...

Asahi-Flavored Gelato Exists And Here's Where You Can Get It

Beer and ice cream in one? Yes please!
If you're the type of drinker to try all kinds of ales from all over the world then we're sure you've heard of Japan's world-famous Asahi Super Dry Beer, known for its crisp flavor and smoothness. If you're a fan of the ...

5 Mini Ovens That Will Fit Right On Your Counter

Perfect for small kitchens!
One of the main activities people have been doing to keep busy in quarantine is baking all kinds of pastries, cakes, and desserts at home. If you haven't hopped on the trend yet, perhaps you don't have the right oven at home ...

Waffle Makers You Can Get Delivered If You Want to Up Your Breakfast Game

All you need is your go-to pancake mix!
You've probably made countless stacks of pancakes in quarantine whether for breakfast, lunch, merienda, or dinner. They're a versatile treat that can be served sweet or savory and are a breeze to make once you know how. If you want to level ...

Did You Know There's A Mini Oven That Will Fit Right On Your Kitchen Countertop?

Small and cute appliance? Add to cart!
A concern one always weighs before purchasing any kind of kitchen appliance, especially ovens, is if there's enough kitchen space. If you have little space to work with, you should consider investing in smaller kitchen appliances like Asahi’s mini oven toaster.Asahi’s mini oven toaster (SKU: ...
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