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How To Make California Maki

These are easy and fun to make with this easy guide.
These California Maki rolls are easy to make at home with the right ingredients. The hardest part is making the rolls!For all those times when you wanted more than what was served, this recipe can and will satisfy our craving for these addictive crab stick ...

Learn How To Cook Asian Dishes: Attend A Free Masterclass By The Singapore Tourism Board

It’s on August 22!
If you’ve been spending more time in the kitchen during the quarantine, it’s your chance to step up your cooking game with Singapore Tourism Board’s Live Masterclass “2Fast, 2Delicious - Hokks and Clay”. Scheduled for August 22, Saturday at 7 p.m., the free ...

What You Should Order At Din Tai Fung (Besides Xiao Long Bao)

Because in DTF, we are down to feast!
There’s no denying how good Din Tai Fung’s xiao long bao is, especially when it’s still steaming hot when it arrives on your table. It's best paired with their special soy sauce and strips of ginger! If it’s your first time or ...

The Easiest Chinese Recipes You Can Make At Home

You don't have to be depend on a Chinese restaurant to get your fix.
What’s not to love about Chinese food? It’s flavorful, filling, and definitely comforting. We bet you have at least one wonderful memory of eating Chinese food at a restaurant with your family.Chinese cuisine, in the Filipino setting where it has become common, ...

These Are The Different Comfort Foods In Asia

The love for good food is universal.
What’s your comfort food? The answer will differ from person to person, and especially country to country. What we tag as our comfort food is often found in our local cuisine. These are in the flavors we're most familiar with, in dishes that ...

Airline Meals Just Got An Upgrade In Flavor

AirAsia just launched its farm-to-air menu!
From a flavorful chicken teriyaki meal to a surprisingly tasty vegetarian rice bowl, AirAsia has partnered with local farms to make sure that its new line up of in-flight meals are both fresh and delicious. Taking its cue from the trend of farm-to-table restaurants, AirAsia introduces ...

Here's How You Can Score One-Peso Xiao Long Bao at Din Tai Fung

Mark your calendars!
It's that time of the year again! Din Tai Fung is bringing back Xiao Long Bao Day and this time, they're placing the spotlight on another favorite, the Pork Xiao Long Bao, which you can get for only P1 each November 22, Thursday.All you have to do ...

Take a Trip Around Asia with These Noodle Recipes

Why wait until you can afford a plane ticket? Your kitchen will transport you with these Asian noodles.
It pays to know how to use the different noodles available in the Asian aisle. Apart from giving you a good variety of dishes, every bite will transport you to another country and another culture—all without the airfare! Discover a new world ...

Are You a Dumpling Fan? This giant "xiao long bao" is coming to Manila

Introducing the Guan Tang Bao.
Is Xiao long bao one of your fave dumplings? A serving of xiao long bao is usually just large enough to fit a soup spoon, but what if we told you you could get a soup dumpling so big, you'll need a straw ...

Taiwanese Pork Chops Recipe

If you’re a pork-chop fan, Taiwanese-style pork chops are definitely up your alley.
If you’re a pork chop fan, Taiwanese-style pork chops are definitely up your alley. You can easily make Taiwanese pork chops at home! They’re perfect for busy weeknights or for when a craving for something fried to a crisp hits. The meat ...

Singaporean Mixed Vegetables Recipe

You may use fresh shrimps for this dish, too—clean, peel, and sauté them along with the garlic.
You may use fresh shrimps for this dish, too—clean, peel, and sauté them along with the garlic. ...
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