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This Extraordinary Cake Is Made With Three Different Flavors Of Bibingka

Meet the Triple Bibingcake.
Bibingka is one of those seasonal treats that Pinoys eat during the Christmas season, especially as an after-Simbang Gabi treat. You can still have your buttery bibingka any time of the year, even if we are months away from The Most Wonderful Time Of ...

Buko Pie with Langka? It Exists And It Looks Just As Good As It Sounds!

It's a different take on the buko pie.
Buko pies are one of the most popular pastries in the Philippines but even a classic and well-loved pastry such as this can be spun into something different and more delicious. Introducing Astoria Plaza's Buko Langka Pie.A traditional buko pie has that combination of ...

Ube Fans, This Bilao of Ube Espasol Is What You Need For Merienda

This isn't your typical espasol.
A road trip to Laguna is never complete without buying delicious pasalubong like espasol. This delicacy is a cylinder-shaped rice cake made from rice flour cooked in coconut milk and sweetened coconut strips, and then dusted with toasted rice flour. But if you're looking ...

Here's Where You Can Order Ube Bibingka And Dulce de Leche Bibingka

Bibingka will always be a part of the Pinoy Christmas.
Pandemic or no pandemic, the buttery bibingka will always be a part of the Pinoy Christmas. If you're searching for sellers and restaurants where to order this festive kakanin so you can enjoy it at home, we know just the place! Astoria Plaza offers the traditional ...
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