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Local Chocolatier Auro Chocolate Wins Two New Prestigious International Awards

More reasons to love local!
There are lots of reasons to be proud of the Filipino chocolate scene—the Philippines is home to some truly great cacao, and there are a growing number of amazing local brands that craft up swoon-worthy chocolate bars. Some of these players have ...

These Tea-and-Chocolate Milk Bars Are Here to Make 2020 A Little Better

Earl Grey and Matcha in chocolate bars? Yes, please!
You know how they say too much of a good thing is bad? Well, that definitely isn't the case here. Auro Chocolate and Serenitea have just joined forces with this exciting collaboration: Chocolate Tea Bars! They will be available to order online from October ...

Auro Chocolate Brings Home Five Gold Awards During The International Chocolate Awards

They now have a total of 35 international awards!
In case you didn’t know, the bean-to-bar company received seven awards during this year's Great Taste Awards in the U.K. To add to their growing list of awards under their belt, Auro recently received five gold awards during the International Chocolate Awards 2020 ...

Chocolate Brands From The Philippines Win Major International Awards

More reasons to be proud of our local food industry!
The Philippines is home to amazing food finds, thanks to the many creative and talented local players that continue to come up with innovative and great-tasting products. Here are more reasons to be proud of what we've got: A number of Filipino ...

A Local Ice Cream Shop + Resto Just Launched Espasol And Banana Cue Ice Cream Flavors

These are available starting today!
Who says ice cream is only for the summer? Even though we’re far along into the Ber season, there’s always going to be room for ice cream. If you’re looking for delicious ice cream with a Pinoy twist, The Lost Bread collaborated ...

This Guilt-Free Strawberry Gelato Uses Strawberries From Baguio!

It's made with the good stuff.
We’re way past the months of summer but it’s still awfully hot and humid. Good thing it's always an excuse to indulge in ice cream! If you’re looking for guilt-free frozen desserts you can enjoy while you’re quarantined at home, Auro released ...

Davao Farmer Makes It Top 20 List For Best Cacao Beans In The World

Auro Chocolate brought Jose Saguban to Paris for the international competition.
"When we found out he made it to the Top 50, we were already ecstatic so we decided to bring him to Paris to receive his award in person. But WOW! Little did we know he would make it to the Top ...

Yes, You Can Have Davao Chocolate Customized For Your Parties!

Time to make your dream chocolate bar come true!
If you’re planning a get-together or special event anytime soon, like a wedding, birthday, or baptism, it’s better to have a goodie bag filled with something anyone will appreciate, like food! When you have a bit of extra moolah to spare, celebrate ...
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