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KBL (Kadyos, Baboy, at Langka) Recipe

The sourness of this "sinigang" is from batuan.
"Sinigang" doesn't always mean the dish made with sampaloc or tamarind. In fact, the root word is "sigang" or to cook or stew in a broth. Many dishes have been made into a sinigang but not all are made with sampaloc. Take this KBL recipe. It's ...

WATCH: This Ilonggo Recipe Is Sinigang And Bulalo In One!

This recipe marries the flavors of the beefy bulalo and the sourness of sinigang.
What do you get when you mix bulalo and sinigang into one dish? Kansi! This Bacolod-original recipe is a regional recipe that you can only get in that area but we've discovered that there is a great substitute for the ingredients. If you ...
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