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You Can Soon Order Felicia's Ensaymada + More Bacolod Favorites At This Website

The Negros Trade Fair will now be online!
If you’ve ever been to Bacolod and love all the food you can find in that region, you’re in for a treat. The Negros Trade Fair will be online this year! Last year’s trade fair may have been canceled due to the ...

Ilonggo-Style Karne Frita Recipe

This is similar to the bistek Tagalog but is on the sweeter side.
This Karne Frita is an Ilonggo version, and this is how this dish is done in our household with my mom cooking this for us. It's similar to the bistek Tagalog but is on the sweeter side.    ...

Bacolod's EreƱeta-Manaloto Chorizo Is Now Available In Manila

Here's where you can get it!
In case you missed it, Bacolod's famous Half-Moon Cakes from Pendy's are now available in Manila. For other treats from the Negros Occidental region, you can also get napoleones, marinated chicken inasal, and piaya, among other tasty treats delivered. And just in case ...

Bacolod's Famous Halfmoon Cakes From Pendy's Are Now Available In Manila

No need to fly out to try these!
If you grew up in Bacolod or have at least visited the city, we're sure you've heard of Pendy's. The famed food shop, which has been around since the 1970s, is known for their hearty, comforting rice meals composed of local delicacies. ...

Apan-Apan Recipe

This is adobong kangkong, Bacolod style.
Adobong kangkong may be one of the most simple dishes. It's a humble marriage of adobo sauce (soy sauce, garlic, vinegar, and pepper) with kang kong or water spinach leaves. That's why it's so easy to make changes and tweaks to the recipe to ...

KBL (Kadyos, Baboy, at Langka) Recipe

The sourness of this "sinigang" is from batuan.
"Sinigang" doesn't always mean the dish made with sampaloc or tamarind. In fact, the root word is "sigang" or to cook or stew in a broth. Many dishes have been made into a sinigang but not all are made with sampaloc. Take this KBL recipe. It's ...

You Can Get This Famous Bacolod Ensaymada in Manila This Month

It's as big as your face.
One of the best versions of ensaymada in the Philippines isn’t available in Manila—at least not all year round. For a limited time, however, Felicia’s Pastry Shop of Bacolod will be selling their highly coveted giant ensaymada (P150/pc) at the Artefino fair in Power Plant—so you can stock up ...

Have You Heard Of This Kakanin Called Bot-ong From Bacolod?

It used to be a kakanin that's eaten during All Soul's Day.
There are a lot of types of kakanin you can find all over the Philippines. We have the common suman, sapin-sapin, kutsinta, puto, pichi-pichi, biko, puto bumong, and bibingka which you can find almost everywhere, and we have the more unusual and ...

Where To Buy Napoleones In Manila

You don't have to book a flight to Bacolod to satisfy your craving.
When in Bacolod, you should never miss grabbing a bite of their popular napoleones. For the uninitiated, napoleones is a sweet pastry inspired by France's mille-feuille, which translates to “a thousand leaves.”The napoleones is made with thin layers upon layers of flaky dough that cradles ...

WATCH: This Ilonggo Recipe Is Sinigang And Bulalo In One!

This recipe marries the flavors of the beefy bulalo and the sourness of sinigang.
What do you get when you mix bulalo and sinigang into one dish? Kansi! This Bacolod-original recipe is a regional recipe that you can only get in that area but we've discovered that there is a great substitute for the ingredients. If you ...

Bookmark This! Here Are The Best Places to Eat in Bacolod

Come hungry!
Bacolod is more than just Sugarlandia. We turned to local food ambassador JJ Yulo for his best recommendations on the Bacolod food scene: When in Bacolod, try...The inasal, kansi (the local beef stew, which is a cross between sinigang and bulalo), batchoy (even though it’s technically from Iloilo), kinilaw, grilled diwal (angel-wing clams), and bulgan (local ...

Chicken Inasal

We serve it with atsuete rice and we also mix in a special ingredient.
What makes this version of this dish more exciting and flavorful? We serve it with atsuete rice and we also mix in a special ingredient: Star margarine! ...
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