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Easy Chicken Binagoongan Recipe

Make your favorite bagoong dish even easier to cook.
Binagoongan recipes are one of the faster stews to cook since it uses small pork strips. However, there is a cooking trick you can do to speed up the cooking process even further: use chicken.  By using chicken, and in this case, chicken breast fillets ...

WATCH: This Ginisang Bagoong Recipe Goes On Everything

The best bagoong is the one you make for yourself.
This ginisang bagoong recipe will go on everything. If you want it to be spicier, add some more fresh chilies, chopped, before eating or if you want it more sour, add in more of your favorite vinegar. This recipe may seem it will ...

Ginisang Bagoong Recipe

The best way to enjoy green mangoes and simply steamed veggies is with some good bagoong.
You only need to make this once to have a good stock of delicious bagoong in your fridge. It’s a sweet-salty bagoong that will go great with your favorite veggies and green mangoes. Make it even more delicious with a spritz of ...

Tamarind Fish on Bagoong Rice Recipe

This Thai-inspired dish showcases the interplay of sweet, sour, and salty flavors.
This Thai-inspired fish dish showcases the interplay of sweet, sour, and salty flavors. ...

Pork Binagoongan Recipe

Tomatoes add fresh, tangy notes to this savory-salty dish. Serve with lots of steamed rice!
This Filipino pork recipe is easy to do: pork is sauteed and stewed in shrimp paste or bagoong.Use bagoong alamang for this recipe which is a thick, rich paste. (There are other kinds of bagoong such as bagoong isda or bagoong Balayan which has a smoother texture ...
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