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Due to Ube Shortage, Good Shepherd Offers White Ube Jam

It tastes just like the real thing!
Is ube really ube without its distinctive violet hue? While ube—or purple yam—is known for its royal color, the yam can actually exist in plain white. In fact, Good Shepherd, who is best known for their ube jam, shares on their official ...

Do You Know What Makes Good Shepherd's Ube Jam Delicious?

We talked to the sisters at the convent and they let us in on a few secrets.
One of the many things Baguio is known for is Good Shepherd's Ube Jam. The convent is almost always a pitstop for tourists who stop by for jars of this classic pasalubong. But have you ever wondered how Good Shepherd’s ube jam delicious legacy came to be? What makes ...
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