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Ulam Recipe: How To Transform Menudo Into Caldereta

Two ingredients can make your menudo taste like caldereta.
Did you know that many of our every day dishes are just a few ingredients away from being another dish? A beef nilaga is basically a boiled beef soup dish but add in some corn and instantly, it's tastes like a beef bulalo. Add ...

Easy Beef Ulam Recipes To Try This Week

Take simple ingredients and make these delicious recipes!
Beef recipes in general are not easy dishes to make. Like pork, most beef cuts need to be tenderized or these will be too tough, and thus unpleasant, to eat. Unlike pork, beef takes much longer to tenderize than it does pork. Making a beef dish ...

How To Cook Beef Brisket And Recipes To Try

This beef cut is a tough cut but super tasty.
If you have ever eaten at an American-style barbecue place, you will know this menu item: the beef brisket (punta y pecho). You may have tasted it as smoked brisket or had it stuffed into a deli roll as pastrami. You might even have had it when ...

Litson Baka Recipes: All The Different Ways You Can Make Litson Baka

Recreate this trendy food item at home.
Succulent litson baka has been all over social media, nudging people to get that mobile phone and order a serving or two. Have you alsothought about making your own litson baka at home? Order a chunk of beef instead and make one yourself. You have your choice between ...

What's The Difference: Beef Pares vs. Beef Stew

These beef dishes are delicious in their own way.
Are you a fan of super tender beef? If you are, you are probably aware that the best beef dishes are those that were either cooked really fast or cooked for a long period of time. This is because many beef cuts are tough ...

All The Different Ways To Cook Kalderetang Baka

Our beef stew can be enjoyed in a number of ways.
Beef kaldereta is our local beef stew. This long-cooked dish is a classic Filipino dish that was commonly only served during fiestas because of the effort and time needed to cook it. What makes our version unique from other beef stews is the addition ...

6 Ways To Make Beef Stew Different

Make beef super tasty with these extra ingredients.
Beef chunks and water isn't all that goes into a beef stew recipe.Depending on what kind of beef stew you're making, it can have a range of ingredients that can make it super delicious. It can have tomato paste, potato chunks, soy ...

These Are The Other Ways To Cook Beef Shank Or The Bulalo

Do you like it in a soup or saucy and on a sizzling plate?
The beef shank or the bulalo is one of those beef cuts that are more affordable than the meatier, boneless cuts. Despite the major bone of this meat cut, it remains a meaty cut. Take a look at the cross-cut of the leg bone, ...

Top Beef Recipes of 2020: Pares, Corned Beef, and Tapa Salpicao

Simple ingredients make these beef dishes super tasty.
Beef may not be the first meat you reach for when at the market or at the grocery but it is still well-loved. Dishes such as tapa, salpicao, caldereta, and beef pares would not be a favorite if it wasn't made with beef. Not surprising, our readers' ...

WATCH: This Beef Kaldereta Recipe Has More Than One Secret Ingredient

It's actually got three.
One of the most common and popular homemade stews has to be the kaldereta recipe. This super hearty beef stew is loaded with chunky cuts of beef, potatoes, and carrots in a rich and savory tomato sauce. The taste of the beef is ...
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