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Save P270 When You Buy BAKE's New Luscious Cheese Tarts

These tarts have a delicious tangy flavor.
Who doesn’t love cheese tarts? It has a golden-brown crust that’s flaky and buttery and a rich, dense cheese base that melts in the mouth. It’s an addictive treat! BAKE, which originated from Hokkaido, Japan, recently released a new Lemon Cheese Tart in ...

Everything You Need To Know About Using An Oven

Cooking using an oven can be intimidating but it doesn't have to be.
If you read a recipe that requires an oven and see the words "depending on your oven", you should know that we're not trying to make the recipe difficult. In fact, we want you to know your oven because we certainly don't know ...

You Can Now Buy This Blueberry Cheese Tart For Half The Price!

Don't miss this very sulit promo!
If you're a big fan of cheese tarts, you know that cheese tarts aren't exactly comfort food you can buy at whim because of its expensive price tag. Good thing, we found Booky's Buy Three, Get Three promo on Bake's blueberry cheese ...

WATCH: How to Bake An Egg Pie

The Pinoy-style egg pie is a luscious and creamy baked custard pie.
A typical Pinoy egg pie has a light custard filling with a golden brown topping baked into a sweet crust. It's almost like a leche flan but not quite. It's just as delicious though, and it's easy to make. But the tricky ...

Funny Pizza Roll-Ups

Here, the kids' ultimate favorite pizza gets a fun, new look!
Who needs delivery when the kiddos can have more fun making pizza themselves? Here, the kids' ultimate favorite gets a fun, new look! They'll surely have a blast with all the mixing, kneading, and decorating. ...


These delightful rolls are best eaten warm and with jam or fruit butter.
These delightful rolls are best eaten warm and with jam or fruit butter. Why are they called popovers? They pop over the top of the pan while baking! ...
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