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Know the Difference: Natural vs. Dutch-Processed Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is essential when making delicious chocolate desserts!
Bakers know that chocolate is a no-fail baking flavor. Who doesn’t love  the earthy, sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter taste of chocolate? One of the best ways to get the best chocolate flavor in your cakes, brownies, and truffles is to use cocoa powder. ...

INFOGRAPHIC: Weight Conversions for Common Baking Ingredients

Get accurate measurements when it comes to baking cookies, cakes, and other sweet treats.
This handy weight conversion infographic for common baking ingredients is for bakers who like to be exact and consistent. When you get your measurements right every time, your baked goods turn out right every time as well. These are the numbers that ...

Why You Should Use Vinegar in Baking

This surprising ingredient could make your home baked goods even better!
What place do the sharp and pungent flavors of vinegar have in soft, fragrant, moist, and delicious baked goods? Surprisingly, vinegar can play a huge role in the rising and stabilizing of sweets like cakes and meringues. Not convinced? Let us explain: 1  ...

7 Secrets Every Pro Baker Knows

Learn the secrets to flawless baking!
Baking is a little bit trickier than cooking: roast chickens and potato salads don’t need precise measurements or strict rules that directly affect the chemistry between the ingredients used in the dish. Be a better baker by knowing these tips and secrets by heart, ...

What Makes a Muffin Different from a Cupcake?

They're not the same thing!
Let’s settle it: cupcakes and muffins are cousins, not siblings! With similar ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs, and butter or oil, people often argue that cupcakes and muffins are the same thing. So why don’t people eat cupcakes for breakfast?Cupcakes are much ...

5 Good Kitchen Habits That Every Home Cook Should Master

Be a better home cook: master these good kitchen habits!
We’re keeping this simple: get the basics right, and you’ll become a better cook before the year ends! 1  Make a grocery list.Isn’t it frustrating to come home from a grocery trip only to realize that you forgot to grab ginger for your ...

The Baking Technique That Yields Soft and Moist Cakes All the Time

Never make a heavy, chewy cake again!
When baking a cake, the most common and familiar method of aerating the batter is creaming the butter and sugar together. When you beat butter and sugar, they create small air pockets that expand and make your cakes rise when baked. The trouble ...

Know When to Use Glass or Metal Bakeware in Baking

When it comes to using a pan for roasting or baking in a hot oven, choose wisely.
When it comes to using a pan for roasting or baking in a hot oven, choose wisely. Glass bakeware and metal bakeware produce very different results in baking different kinds of food, and we have scientific facts to back this up! Let ...

4 Hacks to Splitting a Recipe in Half

Remember these hacks the next time you need to cut down that muffin recipe!
Cutting a recipe down to half can seem like a walk in the park…until you run into an uneven amount of ingredients like 3 eggs or ¾ cup. While there are a few ingredients that can be left as is, scaling a ...

Baking Pantry Basics: 7 Essential Ingredients

Curious about the roles of the main ingredients that are often used in baking?
There is a lot of chemistry that goes on in baking: each ingredient has a role in making those cookies chewy, those cakes fluffy, and those pies flaky! Understand the roles of each main ingredient and become a better baker in the ...

Why Whipping Your Butter is a Cake-Baking Game Changer

Here is the secret to baking light and fluffy cakes all the time!
Start with softened butter and then cream it with sugar with an electric hand mixer on medium speed—the friction between the butter and sugar will create little air bubbles in your batter. These air bubbles create steam when baked, and your cakes ...

INFOGRAPHIC: A Cheat Sheet for Volume Equivalents

Know how to convert your basic cup measurements to pints, quarts, and ounces.
Here's a useful cheat sheet for measuring out liquid volume measurements for your baking and cooking needs. You can even print it out and place it on your kitchen refrigerator for easy reference!  ...
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