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This New Baking School Has A "Masterchef"-Style Kitchen

How much do you love to bake?
If you’re a fan of cooking shows, you’ve most likely fantasized about being a contestant at least once. That dream just got a little closer!Baker John, which produces delicious cheese rolls, ensaymada, and revel and carrot bars, have decided to share their ...

The Perfect Weekend Project for People Who Love Cakes

Pipe pretty buttercream flowers onto your homemade cakes!
Do it, don’t just dream about it! You can learn how to decorate detailed cakes—just like the ones your see in bakery windows—over the weekend at The Wilton School classes scheduled in several Gourdo’s Workshop branches around Metro Manila.Newbie bakers and decorators, ...

Where To Go For Cooking + Baking Classes This Summer

You still have a month to learn how to be a pro in the kitchen.
Want to brush up on your cooking smarts or want to learn a new kitchen skill? Check out our handy list below on classes and courses you can take this summer:COOKING AND KITCHEN SKILLS WHERE: Southville International School, Lima corner Luxembourg Streets, ...
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