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6 Easy Ways To Make Cupcakes Look Extra Delicious

You don't need to be an expert!
Baking is a science, they say, but more than that, it's a cooking method that results in some of the most delicious desserts. However, not everyone is a talented baker and even those brave enough to venture into baking are not as skilled ...

Here's An Easy Hack on How to Make Candy-Topped Cookies

Make any cookie recipe into a jam-filled one.
Yup. You read it right. Any cookie can be a thumbprint cookie. And it’s a simple hack! All you have to do is use your thumb (or the back of a teaspoon, the tip of your wooden spoon, or any kitchen utensil) ...

5 Important Tips and Tricks for Newbie Bakers

Baking isn’t as scary as it sounds.
The thing that makes baking so great is that it’s a mix between art and science. This is also the thing that tends to scare newcomers from actually learning how to bake. The precise measurements and timings, hot ovens and bakers’ lingo ...
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