Strawberry Cupcakes Recipe

Real strawberries give these otherwise vanilla cupcakes an addictive aroma and flavor.
These strawberry cupcakes have real strawberries! The fresh fruit makes these sweet and oh-so-good! Since real strawberries are used, a portion is chopped and stirred right into the cupcake batter leaving bits interspersed throughout the cupcake while the frosting gets a boost of flavor ...

This Is How To Transform Any Baked Dessert To A Chocolate Treat

Changing a recipe from vanilla to chocolate isn't as easy as just adding it in.
It seems like a simple addition: just add unsweetened baking cocoa powder to your batter and voila: you’ve made a chocolate dessert. Unfortunately, the science of baking isn’t as simple as that. You may need to make a few adjustments to your tried ...

This Is Why Your Eggs Need To Be At Room Temperature When Baking

It pays to be extra precise when baking a cake.
“Baking is a science” is the oft-mentioned excuse when something goes wrong with a recipe. Many are more comfortable with the casualness of cooking because you can add a pinch of this and that at different stages of the cooking process and usually, ...

Every Baking Recipe Needs This Ingredient

It's the unassuming ingredient you will always need.
The scent of vanilla is a fantastic scent. It has a warm, sweet, and seductive aroma which matches well with almost any dish that it sweetens. That’s why it should come as no surprise that its amazing aroma and flavor makes vanilla extract an ...

How To Make Leche Flan Using Flavored Milk

Add flavor with this easy leche flan hack.
Leche flan is a decadent, rich, and silky dessert. It only takes 3 ingredients to make this addicting dessert: milk, eggs, and sugar. Two kinds of milk—condensed milk and evaporated milk— make it especially delicious. It’s so delicious that you can probably eat ...

Blogger Lori Baltazar on the Most Important Baking Lesson She Learned from Her Mom

Lori’s love affair with dessert started when her mom taught her how to bake cheesecake.
Lori’s love affair with dessert started when her mom taught her how to bake cheesecake. The same recipe is the basis of the cheesecakes she makes today. Check out her blog here!  I am zealous about food, a quality I attribute to my ...
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