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This Secret Ingredient Makes This Butter Cake Even More Decadent

This ingredient makes this cake even more moist and delicious!
Pound cakes, or butter cakes as it's also known, was named for the amount of each of its ingredients. The original recipe called for a pound (or about 1/2 kilogram) of these ingredients: butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. Four ingredients made a delicious and ...

Here's How You Can Save An Underbaked Cake

Simply place it back into a hot oven.
We’ve all heard horror stories of the over-baked cake: a dried-out chunk of what should be a moist, delicately crumbed vision covered in buttercream. Not much can be done to save that particular cake but there are ways. However, we bet that you have ...

This Is The Secret To Honest-To-Goodness Fudgy Brownies

If you love your brownies fudgy, you’ll want to stock up on this ingredient.
Fudgy, dense brownies is the ultimate goal when we look at a brownie recipe. We want the almost creamy-like, underdone texture with nuggets of melted chocolate throughout the brownie squares. But the real secret to fudgy brownies is really the chocolate. Melted dark ...

7 Secrets Every Pro Baker Knows

Learn the secrets to flawless baking!
Baking is a little bit trickier than cooking: roast chickens and potato salads don’t need precise measurements or strict rules that directly affect the chemistry between the ingredients used in the dish. Be a better baker by knowing these tips and secrets by heart, ...
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