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Easy Prune Cake Recipe

This fruity cake is delicious and easy to make!

What's The Difference: All-Purpose Flour, Bread Flour, And Cake Flour

Cake flour really is best for cakes.
The quarantine produced many bakers. From the super simple no-bake desserts and recipes to the complex and time-consuming bread recipes, bakers of all levels and kinds were using lots of flour. However, different kinds of flour are useful for certain baking recipes. To help make these different ...

Kamote Chocolate Cake Recipe

The main ingredient is a vegetable, and it's delicious!
Starchy and sweet, the sweet potato or kamote is a tasty root vegetable and is our main ingredient in this delicious cake recipe. ...

How To Make Easy Chocolate Frosting Using Cocoa Powder

No mixer needed!
The easiest chocolate frosting has to be the 2-ingredient chocolate ganache. While you only need two ingredients, not everyone has chocolate bars on hand all the time. For those times when you have cocoa powder, not the solid bars, there is a frosting you can ...

Mistakes You're Making When Baking Chiffon Cake

Did your chiffon cake fail?
Chiffon cakes are one of the easier cakes to make. It doesn't require many ingredients, just four basic ones, and you can have a delicious fluffy and soft cake within the hour. Despite this, it is still a cake that can result in a failed cake. This is ...

How To Tell When To Use Regular Sugar, Caster Sugar, And Powdered Sugar

Know what kind of sugar to use when you're baking.
Sugar is one of the major pillars of cakes, cookies, and desserts in general. Together with flour, butter, and eggs, you can make any number of desserts with just these four ingredients, including soufflés, cakes, and even cookies.  If you ever wonder what kind of sugar ...

How To Know Which Dark Chocolate You Should Use For Baking

Here's how to choose from among the many brands and kinds of chocolate.
There are many brands and kinds of chocolate on the market. For baking, you want to choose one that you love the taste of. Chocolate actually has a distinct flavor and texture apart from the dark bittersweet and the luscious silky texture you love when ...

This Is The Best Kind Of Oil For Baking

Choose the right oil for baking.
Oil is probably one of the most common ingredients most kitchens will have. It's used to fry, to saute, to stir fry, to brush on, and is even used as an ingredient in baking.   In cooking, it has many applications but in baking, it is ...

What Are Silicone Baking Mats And How To Use It For Baking And Cooking

These are super useful for baking and cooking, too! 
Are you a new baker? If you are, you may not yet have the full range of baking equipment than some more experienced home bakers. You may have the baking pans, the mixing and ingredient bowls, and even the spatulas and measuring ...

Things To Remember When Baking During Summer

Prevent a hot summer day from ruining your baking project.
One of the best reasons to bake is you get to eat what you bake. It’s all good when the weather cooperates but when the heat of a dry summer day melts, warms, and basically ruins the texture of your baked goods, ...

You Don't Need Flour To Bake These Delicious Desserts

No flour? Bake these desserts instead!
If you, too, were bitten by the baking bug that many took as their new hobby during the quarantine, you probably experienced a few dilemmas.Baking ingredients were high in demand and many times, baking essentials such as flour, baking powder, and even ...

M Bakery-Style Carrot Cupcakes Recipe

These cupcakes are soft, moist, and topped with cream cheese frosting!
This carrot cupcake recipe is inspired by the famous bakery, M Bakery.   ...

This Is How To Use A Kitchen Scale Properly

It's important to be accurate in baking.
Measuring ingredients is part of making a recipe but in baking, it's even more important to be accurate. A few grams is negligible for ingredients you add in large amounts, but if you add more than a teaspoon or two, it can ...

The Easiest 3-Ingredient Cakes You Can Make

You gotta love super easy cake recipes.
For beginners in the kitchen, the simpler the recipe is, the better. In fact, a long list of ingredients with a similarly long procedure is just intimidating to more experienced bakers and cooks as it would be to a beginner.This is because the fear of ...

Sugar-Free Banana Oatmeal Loaf Recipe

This is naturally sweetened!
Filling, healthy, and yummy, this banana bread makes a great snack for anyone watching their sugar. A slice of this is perfect with milk, tea or coffee! ...

Muscovado Cookies with Chocolate Chips Recipe

Try a chocolate chip cookie with a burst of dark caramel flavor.
This cookie has a Filipino twist on chocolate chip cookies. By using muscovado sugar together with white sugar, this cookie has a strong caramel flavor that complements the chocolate chips.    ...

U-BAE & Cream Cheese Cookies Recipe

Ube and cream cheese make these cookies super delicious!
Tired of ube-cheese pandesal? Time for some cookies! These ube cookies with cubes of cream cheese are super delicious! ...

All The Kitchen Appliances And Gadgets That Helped Us In Quarantine

We've grown to love our time in the kitchen, thanks to these useful helpers.
It's been a year since the community quarantine was declared and the world changed. So has our lives in the kitchen.Despite the restrictions, we found joy and comfort in many things around the house that we might not have normally. Two of these ...

Bakers Say These Are The Best Chocolates For Baking

Bakers know their chocolate!
When it comes to baking, bakers know their chocolate. Chocolate is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, flavor when it comes to sweets and baked goods. Chocolate chip cookies are classic cookies, and it's not just because it's an easy cookie recipe ...
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