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WATCH: How to Make Banana Chips

Make a big batch of this very addicting banana chips recipe!
The key to a really satisfying batch of banana chips is to slice the saba bananas as thinly as possible (you may also use a mandolin) and to set it aside to air dry for at least 30 minutes. Saba bananasOil, for fryingBrown ...

Homemade Banana Chips Recipe

Deep-fried banana chips are a fun and delicious snack!
Banana chips may be deep-fried or dehydrated which makes for a fun and delicious snack. Coat them in brown sugar and salt for a sweet-salty homemade treat.  ...

Chocolate Banana Chips Recipe

Take advantage of the country's rich bounty and make some good-for-you chips!
This banana chips recipe lets you enjoy bananas and chocolate at the same time. Take advantage of the country’s rich bounty and make some good-for-you banana chips! ...
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