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WATCH: Have You Tried Saba Banana + Cheese Turon?

This is the combo you need to try!
Turon has to be a favorite merienda food. It's filling, it's sweet, and it's crunchy, too. The caramelized sugar that results from cooking the sugar makes it even better. Many have upgraded the typical turon by adding langka and ube to make it different but how else can you make ...

WATCH: How to Make Turon

Make this merienda classic!
Turon or lumpiang saging, banana lumpia, or deep-fried banana rolls are made with saba bananas coated in brown sugar and langka slices (jackfruit) rolled in lumpia wrappers and deep-fried to crispy perfection. You can also drizzle more brown sugar while the turon is ...
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