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Here Are All The Ways You Can Cook Bangus For Breakfast And Beyond

Make your favorite bangus appetizing and delicious.
Bangus, or milkfish, is one of the most popular fish varieties in the market. It's an affordable fish, it's super meaty, and can be used in many recipes. It's so versatile, the fish can be simply fried, boiled, stewed, or steamed. Plus, ...

Fish Balls Recipe

This is a genius recipe fed a family of four for two meals!
This street food recipe is another inspiration to extend the available food we had because we didn't want to go out when people are currently panic buying.One marinated adult bangus in the freezer had to feed a total of 4 in the family. It ...

Tinolang Bangus Recipe

Tinola isn’t just for chicken!
The warm, delicious ginger broth is perfect with fatty slices of delicious bangus. If you’re craving a warm, comforting bowl that cooks in less than 30 minutes, you’ve come to the right fish recipe. ...

Everything You Can Do With Bangus

We have nine recipes to reel you in.
Do you love bangus? There are so many ways to enjoy tender and flavorful milkfish. So, add more fish to your diet by cooking up some more bangus with these easy recipes: If you’re trying to eat better, why not replace a few ...

Rellenong Bangus Recipe

This special fish dish will impress anyone.
Looking for a dish that really wows? This classic, traditional bangus recipe is sure to deliver.When choosing bangus, look for a fish that will fit your frying pan. In this recipe, we used two 600- to 700-gram fish for our large frying pan. ...

WATCH: How to Make Paksiw Na Bangus

Paksiw is a classic Pinoy dish, and you can do this cooking technique with other meats, too.
This paksiw dish is made with bangus instead of pork, and you can easily do this same recipe with other fish, like galunggong, tulingan, or any other fish that you think would pair well with its vinegar base.  Paksiw na IsdaTakes 45 minutesMakes 2 servings1/2 cup vinegar1 cup water2 teaspoons ...

WATCH: How to Make Bangus Belly Bistek

This is a healthier version of the Pinoy bistek!
 We replaced the beef with bangus belly in the popular Pinoy bistek recipe. This is a healthier version and one you can make if you're going meatless. Bangus Bistek 1/8 cup cooking oil5 cloves garlic, peeled and smashed1/2 white onion, minced2 tomatoes, sliced1/4 cup ...

Lemon Turmeric Bangus Recipe

This is easy bangus recipe is light and tangy.
Use lemon-seasoned fish to accompany your favorite rice meal. This bangus recipe uses a mix of lemon and turmeric to make a tangy seasoning. ...

Smoked Bangus Eggplant Torta

A new take on tortang talong!
This Filipino eggplant dish is a reliable go-to when you need a meal in a flash. Garnish each eggplant with tomatoes, salted egg, and green onions. ...

Sizzling Bangus with Mushroom Sauce

The savory mushroom sauce gives your usual fried fish an upgrade!
Create a great main dish with this recipe of Sizzling Bangus with Mushroom Sauce. Top with garlic chips. The savory mushroom sauce gives your usual fried fish an upgrade! Try it!  ...

Daing na Bangus Recipe

This easy fish dish packs a lot of flavors.
This easy Filipino fish dish is made flavorful with the vinegar-salt-pepper marinade. Daing is a process of preparing fish and seafood in the Philippines: often fish is salted and sun-dried but seafood may also be marinated in a mixture of vinegar, salt, ...

Bangus Belly Donburi

Crispy bangus fillets find their way to a Japanese rice bowl.
Crispy bangus fillets find their way to a Japanese rice bowl. ...
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