Daing na Bangus Recipe

This easy fish dish packs a lot of flavors.
This easy Filipino fish dish is made flavorful with the vinegar-salt-pepper marinade. Daing is a process of preparing fish and seafood in the Philippines: often fish is salted and sun-dried but seafood may also be marinated in a mixture of vinegar, salt, ...

Food Business Idea: Bottled Spanish Bangus

Bottled food are perfect as gifts, pasalubong, or instant ulam!
Looking for the perfect food business idea? Bottled food are perfect—they're great as gifts, pasalubong, or instant meal ideas.This bottled Spanish Bangus recipe makes 8 bottles and is a classic recipe that you can start with: you can get creative and add ...

Bangus with Coconut Ginger Sauce Recipe

Pair your bangus with a sweet coconut sauce cooked with ginger and patis to elevate your everyday fried fish.
Ginger and a little patis balance out the sweetness of coconut.  ...
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