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Banoffee Pie With Cream Cheese Recipe

It's almost like an ice cream cake!
This is an English dessert pie that's made from banana slices, a buttery pie crust, dulce de leche, and cream.  ...

Yakult Cake Is the New Dessert You've Got to Try

Love everything Yakult-flavored?
Let’s face it, you don’t just drink Yakult for its health benefits—much of Yakult’s appeal also lies in its tangy, milky flavor. For this reason, you’ll also find Yakult used in other desserts, including ice cream, and this time, cake. That's right, Parañaque-based purveyor makes Yakult Cake (P450/six inches), ...

7 Underrated Starbucks Food Items You Should Try

How many of these have you tasted?
Starbucks isn’t just for coffee, Frappuccinos, and tea, this coffee shop also offers an extensive menu of food items you can easily pair with your choice of beverage. The menu can be overwhelming for new customers. Here, we rounded up our tried-and-tested ...

WATCH: How to Make Banoffee Pie

Making banofee pie is so easy, it's bananas!
Whoever said that making banoffee pie is complicated and time-consuming, obviously hasn't tried this recipe. Give it a go and treat yourself to this indulgent no-bake dessert. BANOFFEE PIE RECIPE1 1/2 cup crushed graham crackers1/2 cup butter, melted1/3 cup muscovado or brown sugar5-6 ...
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