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Yummy Eats 2016: See These Sweet Food Finds on June 4

Be snack-smart and check out these baon-friendly sweet food finds in the Glorietta 4 Activity Center on June 4.
Be snack-smart with baon-friendly sweets and treats that you can munch on at the Yummy Eats Baon Blowout 2016 Glorietta 4 Activity Center on June 4, Saturday. Keep an eye out for these awesome sweet food finds on June 4 (there are options for ...

Yummy Eats 2016: Check Out These Savory Food Finds on June 4

Say goodbye to boring baon meals!
We know how it feels: your daily lunch routine can get boring (hello, leftovers!) and daily prepping can get overwhelming. Drop by the Yummy Eats Baon Blowout 2016 on June 4 and shake up your routine by injecting fun and tasty food ...

Everything You Need to Know About Yummy Eats 2016

Say goodbye to sad office lunches and boring baon ideas!
This year's Yummy Eats: Baon Blowout will feature the city's best home-based businesses, caterers and home bakers that will make brown-bagging more exciting. Improve your baon game with new food finds for your kids or items you can bring to work. Make sure ...
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