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Pulutan Cooking Ideas To Try For Your Next Movie Night

You just need the right company to share these with.
You may be missing having barkada nights but you can recreate them at home! Schedule a movie night with your friends and make some delicious pulutan or bar food to go with your preferred drink. Pulutan ideas don't have to be complicated! Here's a quick list ...

WATCH: You Can Use Beer To Make These Delicious Grilled Chicken Wings

This recipe proves you can do more with beer!
Did you know that you may use beer as an ingredient? This grilled chicken recipe uses a marinade with a dark beer. We grilled the chicken wings for the char and while it's a fantastic way to add even more flavor to chicken wings, you can ...

These Easy-to-Make Dishes Are Great With Beer!

Need a snack to go with that beer? Try any of these quick recipes for a twist on some old classics.
Beer, with its spectrum of flavors (sweet, bitter, or even bready flavors, thanks to the yeast) can be paired with a lot of dishes. Let your beer and pulutan pairings rise to its potential with these recipes you can make at home:It’s a classic for ...

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with These Mexican Eats

Here's where to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Manila!
It's not just a regular Friday today: it's Cinco de Mayo! Celebrate the weekend at these Mexican joints in Manila. Before you get started on the tequila shots and margaritas, you need to fill up on all your Mexican food favorites.There are plenty ...

WATCH: How to Make Filipino-Style Tuna Sisig

Tuna sisig, anyone? Don't forget the calamansi!
Use fresh tuna for a lighter take on the popular Pinoy sizzling dish. Add mayonnaise for a creamy version and don't forget the calamansi!Takes 15 minutes Makes 3 servings 2 tablespoons oil1 small red onion, peeled and chopped3 cloves garlic, peeled and ...

WATCH: How to Make Dynamite Cheese Sticks

Hosting a party? Dynamite cheese sticks or chili cheese sticks are an easy-to-make bar chow.
Green chili peppers stuffed with cheese are wrapped in lumpia wrappers and fried to make a satisfying bar chow. ...

WATCH: 3 Delicious Ways to Make Chicken Wings

Classic Buffalo-style, honey barbecue or garlic Parmesan - take your pick!

WATCH: How to Make Tokwa't Baboy

The secret to this Pinoy bar chow is letting the pork and tofu simmer in the sauce so it soaks up the flavor!
Using cooked liempo makes whipping up this well-loved Filipino appetizer super easy! ...

Hosting a Party? We Have 8 Easy Recipes for Bar Chow

What to serve with cocktails or beer.
No party is complete without bar chow.  We have a few ideas:1. Adobo QuesadillasThese quesadillas are fun munchies!2. Five-Spice Crispy SquidUpgrade your crispy squid by using five spice powder.3. Tipsy GambasWith hints of tequila and vodka flavors, this gambas plate packs a ...

Grilled Pork Ear Wrap (Walkman Wrap)

The "walkman" is chewy and crisp
Grilled pork ears (a.k.a. “Walkman”) get a yummy Middle Eastern treatment. ...

Pork Isaw Satay

Your drinking buddies will love these pork intestines with a Thai twist!
Pork intestines with a Thai twist! Don't let the prep time discourage you from trying this out. Your drinking buddies will thank you for it. Make this satisfying pork isaw satay in 5 easy steps! ...
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